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The Cider Press Unique PDF ebook collection for historical researchers, music history researchers and for the just plain curious folks out there....


The World's First
Multimedia Production?

The Music Of
Renaissance Alchemist Michael Maier

Atalanta Fugiens
Atalanta Fugiens may well be one of the first multimedia productions ever created. The work was created in 1617, by Renaissance alchemist Michael Maier.The complete title is Atalanta fugiens, hoc est, emblemata nova de secretis naturae chymica. The publication is a complex early example of multimedia art made up of 50 sections.  Each section contains an engraved emblem and has a verse and an epigram associated with the emblem, and a short prose discourse which elaborates an alchemical interpretation of the symbolism in the emblem. Each of the 50 sections also includes a short and unique musical canon composed by Maier.
You can go to our Atalanta Fugiens page to learn more about this publication and about alchemist Michael Maier and to listen to MP3 samples of the music from Atalanta Fugiens.


The Music Of The Spheres

Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) published his work Harmonices Mundi, in 1619. This work, in which he attempted to explain the harmony of the world, was a series of five books and contained what is known today as his third law. The work was founded on geometry, from which Kepler derived first a theory of musical harmony and then a cosmology of the heavens and the earth. Kepler was attempting to find common rules between music and movement in the solar system. His music of the spheres is based on the relative maximum and minimum angular velocities of the planet measured from the sun. Using his theories, Kepler allotted to the planets musical intervals and musical motion.You can go to our Music Of The Spheres page and listen to MP3 representations of Kepler's theories and order an MP3 collection of various planetary audio combinations.

Music created by
software & artificial intelligence

Mellifluous, euphonious
and sometimes confounding and magical music produced by
software and artificial intelligence


This music was produced over three decades using a variety of special music generating software programs. Some of the more primitive programs go back as far as the early "DOS" operating system computers... all the way to custom modern artificial intelligence (AI) software developed and/or adapted here at Amaranth Publishing

Music created by
software & artificial intelligence


The music of one of the
"Last Hereditary Bards"

James William Carling, poet, artist, musician, painter, philosopher, songwriter...... referred to himself as one of the "last hereditary bards".

He was born into a very poor family on New Year's Eve in 1857 to Rose and Henry Carling in the "Irish Quarter'' in Liverpool.

His father Henry was a singer and composer of songs, ballads and poems, and by trade a blacking maker, as was his father before him. There was music, song and talent in the family, both in the present and the ancestors.

I have arranged 6 pieces of music from the handwritten (often difficult to decipher) music notation of James Carling, as he says, "one of the last hereditary bards".

Music of the "last heriditary bard"


Ron Bankley, Canadian guitarist, poet, songwriter, recently passed away.

This page is our memorial for Ron....


The Last Song


The World's Most Haunting Melodies

Continually recurring to the mind....
"haunting memories";
"the cathedral organ and the distant voices have a haunting beauty"
Beautiful, but in a sad way
and often in a way which cannot be forgotten:
"a haunting melody"

The world's most haunting melodies,
chosen by people from all walks of life.

Music transcribed in Africa in 1920

We found these fascinating pieces of music in the appendix of an old book that was seriously damaged in the front of the book, but these pieces of music were in near perfect condition. The book was published in 1920 and these pieces of music were transcribed from live performances in Africa.

We have scanned the original music (68 pages) and prepared it as a PDF file, that is easy to read and print on standard size paper.

The Music of Africa

The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove were a group of Chinese scholars, poets, artists and musicians of the mid-3rd century AD who banded together to escape from the hypocrisy and danger of the official world to a life of drinking wine, playing music and writing verse in the country. Their retreat was typical of the Taoist-oriented ch'ing-t'an ("pure conversation") movement that advocated freedom of individual expression and as much as possible, escape from extremely corrupt politics. Their ideal consisted in following their impulses and acting spontaneously. Their outstanding collective characteristic was their sensitivity to the beauties of nature.
We have created a unique collection of Chinese music in honor of The Seven Sages...

Traditional Chinese Music PDF

This collection includes 21 notated pieces of traditional Chinese music and includes a very unique publication... Paper On Chinese Music (published in 1898) that is a very well done history of Chinese music and includes 30 notated examples of this ancient music. Included in the examples is the unique notation of the legendary, fabled Chinese "Phoenix notes" as well as other ancient and popular Chinese music.

Go the Seven Sages page for a detailed description of this music collection...

Llibre Vermell
and the
Legends of Montserrat

The medieval music of pilgrims to the legendary monastery of Montserrat, Spain

Dream Angus

The lovely Celtic lullaby known as Dream Angus came from a unique tale.

The legend has it that Dream Angus comes to you at night and bestows dreams - you may spot him skipping across the hills, his bag of dreams by his side. Just the sight of him may be enough to make you lose your heart, for he is also the god of love, youth and beauty.

Dream Angus Lullaby MP3s

The Halloween Recordings

For over two decades now, every year on Halloween I have prepared unusual, mysterious and often spooky audio recordings.
All of these recordings are created using natural sounds, (flowing stream, earthquake, beehive, northern lights and many more) transcribed into music using specially designed software.
What the software does, is take any natural sound such a that of a running stream, examine it's tonal and rhythm structure and change it into musical notes that represents that structure. Then those musical notes, sometimes quite complex, are loaded into software that generates sound using digital technology. In the case of the above mentioned recording of a running stream, you then have the music of water.

The Halloween Recordings


The Music of Fairies, Druids, Spirits (and more)

Throughout history, in every culture, there have been tales and legends about supernatural music, the music of fairies, spirits, music with powers to enchant, heal, charm, mystify and cause mischief.

The music notation making up this collection was gathered from many antique books that include notated examples of this music.

We have prepared this music notation as a PDF file.

Note: The music notation in this PDF is the basic melodies of these tunes as presented in the antique books and are of course perfect for interpretation and improvisation.

Included in the collection is:

Irish Fairy Songs
Irish Fairy Song
Irish Fairy Song
Irish Fairy Song
Music Heard Played By A Fairy

Shetland Fairy Tunes
Aith Rant
West Side Trows Reel
A Fairy Reel
Hylta Dance (trowie tune from Fetlar)



Banshee Wail 1 & 2

Druid Song

Bridget Cruise - 4 Settings

2 Swedish "Neck" Songs



3 Welsh Fairy Tunes

Songs from the "Shieling"
The Shieling Song
An Toman Cuilnn - Shieling Fairy Song


Random Celtic Fairy Tunes

(Said to have been learned from the Sidhe)
The Gold Ring
Pretty Maid Milking the Cow
Cutting Ferns
The Bright Dawn of Day
A Fairy Lullaby (Similar to the Scottish tune about the mythological "Dream Angus"We have a music page about this song)
Dawn Fairy Song

African Spirit Songs
Akele Wood Spirits
Ogbuka Wood Spirits
Asaba Forest Spirit
African Spirit Song
African Spirit Song 2


Fairy Music of Scotland
Water-Kelpie's Lullaby
A Fairy's Love Song
Sealwoman's Sea Joy
A Fairy Plaint
An Ancient Tune Used To Attract Seals
Crodh Chailein - Daoine-sith (Mound Dwellers) song



You can purchase the Music of the Fairies PDF using Paypal or a Credit card for $4.00 at the following link:
Music of The Fairies
After your secure payment is processed you will immediately be sent download links to the email you give while purchasing the collection.


Will Kemp's Jig

How many people have danced 80 miles in 9 days? Well, Will Kemp did; and you can read his story and listen to a MIDI arrangement of Will Kemp's jig.


Being both musicians and printers...
we have prepared the following collection:

Music of the Early Printers

Information about many of the first Renaissance printers who were also music publishers and composers featuring MP3 collections of examples of this early music printing.

Music of the Early Printers

Some audio fun.....

The Language Of The Birds MP3 collection consists of 32 field recordings of bird songs adapted using 4 specially designed software programs and accurately slowed down and lowered in pitch so that the bird songs can be clearly heard. The audio is then prepared using various solo instruments, and occasionally groups of instruments where there is more than one bird in the recordings (for example - the sax ensemble performing the Canadian Geese flock landing on a lake gives a new meaning to "free jazz."

The Language of the Birds



The Song Of Linus

A song performed in the ancient world that eventually became known as the “Linus Song” is an example of the one of the oldest known song and poem that was performed in various forms across much of the ancient world.

The origin and notation and words of the melody & poem is unknown. The song can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and then disappears into the mists of time.
The theme of the Linus song relates to death, both in the physical meaning, but also in the transformation meaning of change and rebirth in death and the transformations of seasons and the loss of youth to age.

The Ancient Song of Linus

The Music Of Justin Holland

Justin Holland was one of the first American classical guitarists, and he was teacher and a composer. He was also a prominent member of the African-American Masonic lodge. We have collected sheet music of the solo guitar works and the arrangements for voice and guitar of Justin Holland.


The Music Of The Gow Family

Fiddler Niel Gow
& His Sons

The Gow Family -
Some of Scotland's most skilled and famous fiddlers and composers

Bamboo, and the art of making bamboo flutes....


Guān Yīn (literal meaning: "Observes the sounds (of the world)"), also written Kuan Yin or Kwan-yin, is the bodhisattva of compassion as venerated by East Asian Buddhists. Guan Yin is also reverenced by Chinese Taoists as an Immortal.

In Japanese, Guan Yin is called Kannon or more formally Kanzeon; the spelling Kwannon, resulting from an obsolete system of romanization, is sometimes seen. In Korean, she is called Kwan-um or Kwan-se-um.

Guan Yin is one of the most beloved deities and Asian peoples have been worshipping her as the Goddess of mercy and compassion for many centuries.

We have created a free MP3 arrangement for ethnic harps and choir using the lovely traditional Buddhist "Song for Guan Yin" melody.

Song For Guan Yin


A Gaelic Blessing
Gaelic Blessing
This is something the world
could use a whole lot more of...

Composer Arthur Farwell
& The Wa-Wan Press

The Wa-Wan Press was an American music publishing company founded in 1901 by composer Arthur Farwell in Newton Center, Massachusetts. Arthur Farwell (March 23, 1872 – January 20, 1952) was an American composer, conductor, educationalist, lithographer, esoteric savant, and music publisher.
The firm concentrated on publishing compositions by so-called Indianist movement members—composers who incorporated traditional Native American music into their works.

Composer Arthur Farwell
& The Wa-Wan Press

Traditional Masonic Music

A collection of MP3 arrangements of traditional music related to Masons.


A musical memorial for Canadian First Nations
activist, songwriter and filmmaker Willie Dunn.




"The Grampy Tales and Stories"



The Music of Amy Beach

Amy Marcy Cheney Beach (September 5, 1867 – December 27, 1944) was an American composer and pianist. She was the first successful American female composer of large-scale art music. As a pianist, she was acclaimed for concerts she gave in the United States and in Germany.

The Music of Amy Beach

No kidding, this page has music composed for the infamous Illuminati conspiracy,
by one of the original members of that famous organization, including.....

"The Illuminati Anthem".

The People's Conspiracy

The Church of Maybeism

In Memory of
John Steven Jamieson

Founder of The Church of Maybeism, The People's Conspiracy & The International War Against Stupidity

The Early American X-Files

Sketches of Freedom
Ron Bankley
poems & other sounds
Sketches of Freedom is a combination of printed book and compact disc featuring the reading and musical interpretation of all fifteen poems.

Considering the crazy ways things seem to keep happening after we send the politicians from both political parties to Washington D.C., a new kind of candidate for President might not be a bad idea. Or, we could revive an old campaign.
Listen to the original Howdy Doody For President campaign songs..........

Howdy Doody For President


Hannah's Song
The art & music of Hannah Cohoon

Hannah Cohoon is the most famous of the many artists from the mystical Shaker communities in 19th Century America. What is not widely known is that she also composed interesing songs .
Hannah's Song

Meet the CEO of Amaranth Publishing and The Creator!
And learn who you should contact if you know of a
Golden Retriever that needs to be rescued or needs assistance.


The Song Of Seikilos
The World's Oldest Love Song?

In ancient Greece a man named Seikilos inscribed a funeral pillar with an epitaph, poem and song for his deceased wife.



The Oldest Christian Hymn?
Oxyrhynchus is an archaeological site in Egypt, one of the most important ever discovered. For the past century the area around Oxyrhynchus has been continuously excavated, yielding an enormous collection of papyrus texts. Among the texts discovered at Oxyrhynchus are plays of Menander and the Gospel of Thomas (an important early Christian document), and the oldest known music notation and lyrics of a Christian hymn

Musikalisches Würfelspiel
(Musical Dice Game)

An interesting musical game, Musikalisches Würfelspiel (musical dice game) has often been attributed to Mozart. On this page you can download an old free Windows program you can use to create hundreds of Minuets in the style of Mozart!


An Unknown Mozart Improvisation?
For the Mozart fans and music history fans out there, here is an interesting piece of music that we recently discovered that was published in Baltimore in 1874. The editor of this piece claims that this music was improvised by Mozart, and later written down. An interesting story to say the least! You can listen to an MP3 excerpt and download the sheet music for free.

A Relic - Fantasia Impromptu


In 1972, after 15 years of research Prof. Anne Kilmer (professor of Assyriology, University of California, and a curator at the Lowie Museum of Anthropology at Berkeley) transcribed one of the oldest known pieces of music notation in the world. Click here to go to our page about this unique song and to hear MIDI arrangements of various transcriptions of this song.


Arca Musurgica

The Arca Musurgica, described in 1650 in the innovative music publication Musurgia Universalis by Jesuit Father Athanasius Kircher, is a device by which both musicians and non-musicians can compose multi-part music.

The World's Most Mysterious Book
The Voynich Manuscript



I have deposited in the county of Bedford, about
four miles from Buford's, in an excavation or vault, six feet below the surface of the ground, the following articles: ... The deposit consists of two  thousand nine hundred and twenty one pounds of gold and five thousand one hundred pounds of silver; also jewels, obtained in St. Louis in exchange for silver to save transportation ... The above is securely packed in iron pots, with iron covers. The vault is roughly lined with stone, and the vessels rest on solid stone, and are covered with others ...”

The Beale Treasure
If you can solve this cipher code,
you could become very wealthy!..............


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