"Nothing flatters me more than to have it assumed that I could write prose-unless it be to have it assumed that I once pitched a baseball with distinction."
- Robert Frost


Since it first inspired the imagination of the American public, baseball has been the inspiration of numerous songs and musical compositions. On this page we have collected a few examples of this music, prepared as MP3 & MIDI files. We have also created and are offering for download a collection of unique 19th Century and early 20th Century sheet music related to baseball.
We also now have a Windows baseball screen saver created from dozens of images of early old-time baseball, a few of which you can see on this page.
As well as the MIDI files of baseball music on this page, we also have a collection of classic baseball music in MP3 format along with a few PDF collections of poetry and writing related to baseball .

Here's one you won't hear every day...... Bob Dylan singing
Take Me Out To The Ballgame acapella!


"I see great things in baseball, It will take our people out-of-doors, fill them with oxygen, give them a larger physical stoicism, tend to relieve us from being a nervous, dyspeptic set, repair those losses and be a blessing to us." - Walt Whitman


Note: MIDI files can sound different of different systems, depending upon your software and sound card. The MIDI files below are all prepared as basic "standard MIDI files".

That Baseball Rag
1913 - Words by Dave Wolff, Music by Clarence Jones

The Baseball Glide
1911 - Words by Andrew B. Sterling, Music by Harry Von Tilzer

I Want to Go to the Ball Game

1909 - Words by C.P. McDonald, Music by Al. W. Brown

The above MIDIs were Sequenced by 'Perfessor' Bill Edwards


Baseball Sheet Music


All of following pieces of sheet music listed inside of this box (and more) are now available for download. The sheet music is scans of the original music, and we provide this music in "PDF" format. PDF files are viewable and printable with the easy to download and easy to use freeware program Acrobat Reader, and other free programs available online.


The Baseball Sheet Music Collection

This collection of baseball sheet music in PDF f0rmat is available for download, in the form of a "zip" file (8.9 MB) for $6.00.
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Sheet Music (and more) included in the collection..........

The Base Ball Song
by W.J. Bullock - 1874

Bat and Ball March
by Julius E, Muller Opus 198 #4 - 1880

Bat and Ball March
by E. Mack - 1880

The Atlantic Polka
Composed and dedicated to "The Atlantic Baseball Club"
of Brooklyn, New York
by Horace Van Tassell - 1870

America's National Game
Music by H.O. Wheeler, Lyrics by Percy Kingsley - 1889

Base Ball On The Brain
Words by J. T. Nealon & Music by E. E. Hummer - 1910

Take Your Girl To The Ballgame
Geo. M. Cohan, Wm. Jerome, Jean Schwartz - 1918

At The Baseball Game
Chas H. Graff - 1910 - Piano

That Baseball Rag
Music by Clarence Jones, Lyrics by Dave Wolfe

Babe Ruth
Words by Jeremy Gold, music by Geo. Graff -1922

Una Schottisch" a piano piece composed for the Una Baseball Club of Charleston, "junior champions" in 1870, 1872, and 1873

Babe Ruth
Lyrics by Jos. McCarthy, music by Harry Tierney - 1921

Live Oak Polka
J. H. Kalbfliessh - 1860

Oh You Red Sox
Words by Geo. Ashworth, music by Ellen Ashworth - 1912


I Can't Miss That Ball Game
Beo. Moriaty & Joe Cooper - 1910
Voice & Piano

The Day I Played Baseball - Irish Comic Song
Pat Rooney - 1878
Voice & Piano

That Baseball Glide
Andrew Sterling & Harry Von Tilzer 1911
Voice & Piano

Home Run Quickstep
John Zebly Jr, 1861

Babe Ruth - He's A Home Run Guy
A. Atkins & Harry W. Trout - 1922
Voice & Piano

Ball Club March
J. Thomas Baldwin - 1888

The Ball Player March & Two Step
Burt Brenton - 1897

Baseball vs. Opera (a Kunkel Musical Post card)
L.C. Davis & Charles Kunkel - 1912
Voice & Piano

Pennant Rag
Percy Wenrich - 1913

Base Ball Polka
Jas M. Goodman - 1861

Baseball Waltz
Miss Hattie A. Brooks 1885

Baseball Polka
J. R. Blodgett - 1893

Base Ball Rag
Mata Wulf - 1910



The National Game
by John Phillip Sousa - 1925

With its popular reputation and good wages, the Sousa Band was able to recruit some of the best musicians around.

For 39 years, this large group toured the country by train. A Sousa Band tour would last for many months, often with several performances each day and only a few days off for travel between cities. The band traveled to every corner of the United States and did several European tours and one world tour. Together they traveled more than 1 million miles, and they still managed to find the time for other fun.

The Sousa band had its own baseball team, and Sousa was often the pitcher. They played against local baseball teams and those of rival bands. Sousa composed the piece featured here, "The National Game." The original sequencer of this MIDI is unknown.


Gee, It's A Wonderful Game
1911, Lyrics by Ring Lardner - Music by G. Harris (Doc) White
Sequenced by Linda Star

Here is another version of "Gee It's A Wonderful Game".
Sequenced by Steve Whiting

The Home Run Galup
Frederick Woodman Root -1867
Sequenced by Benamin Tubbs

Jake Jake, The Yiddisher Ballplayer
By Irving Berlin - 1913
Sequenced by Paul Wilson



Take Me Out to the Ball Game
This famous song was written by Jack Norworth and Albert von Tilzer in 1908. Sequencer unknown

The above MIDI arrangement of Take Me Out To The Ball Game is of the famous chorus to the original song. Normally, this chorus is the only part of the this composition that now performed. Here is a MIDI arrangement of the entire song, from the original sheet music.
Sequenced by Paul F. Wilson

Here is another arrangement of the famous chorus.
Sequencer unknown.

An Eccentric Rag
1909, Music by: Harry L. Cook

This is certainly a unique piece of music related to baseball. Titled an "eccentric rag" and carrying the subtitle information, "As used by SLIVERS in his famous pantomime, THE BALL GAME." Slivers was a famous Barnum & Bailey circus clown by the name of Frank Oakley. Oakley most often was known simply by the name "Slivers" Oakley. His most famous routine was one where he pantomimed a baseball game, portraying all the different players. The composer, Cook also wrote another ragtime work, Shovel Fish in 1907 but little more is known about him.

Sequenced by R. Rueblin

This next MIDI is simply entitled "Baseball" and is a jazz duet for two guitars. We don't have the slightest idea who composed it or who sequenced this music, but it is an interesting piece of music.


A Few Classic Free Baseball MP3s & PDFs

Take Me Out To The Ballgame - Bill Murray - recorded in 1915
Take Me Out To The Ballgame - Ed Meeker - recorded in 1908
Take Me Out To The Ballgame - A lively version by King Curtis & his band
A reading of the legendary baseball poem "Casey At The Bat" by the author, and a PDF file of one of the early publications of the poem, with illustrations.
Bob Dylan singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame acapella
Right Off The Bat - PDF collection of baseball poems published in 1910
Baseball ABC PDF - An 1885 children's book using baseball to teach the alphabet, with illustrations.

It's A Beautiful Day For A Ballgame - Singers unknown, if anyone out there knows who this group is singing this, please let me know.

A few instrumental
MP3 arrangements.....

The Baseball Glide - 1911
Gee, It's A Wonderful Game - 1911
Take Me Out To The Ballgame - 1908
The National Game by John Phillip Sousa
That Baseball Rag - 1913

The Baseball Song - 1874
The Atalantic Polka - 1870
Bat & Ball March 1 - 1880
Bat & Ball March 2 - 1880

Old Time Baseball
Screen Saver

This is a Windows screen saver, filled with dozens of original old- time baseball images, a few of which are featured on this page. The images are displayed randomly each time the screen saver opens. The images include engravings from publications, comic images, sheet music covers and more. After downloading the screensaver, you can copy it to the directory where your screensavers are saved and choose it as your default screensaver. Or on some Windows system you can "right click" on the downloaded file and choose "install", or "test" if you want to view the screen saver before installing. If you have any questions about this send us an - e-mail

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Old Time Baseball
Screen Saver - $2.00





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