PDF Collections of Unique
and Unusual Music and Historical Articles
Published in 19th Century America

Each PDF file is scans of original articles published in 19th Century periodicals, or scans of sheet music published in 19th Century America. All scans are prepared for easy printing on 8.5x11 papers on any desktop printer.
Many products are downloaded as PDF files, but in a few cases there are multiple PDF files of individual pieces of sheet music in a "zip" archive.

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Periodical articles about mysterious subjects:
Relation Of Fairies To Religion
The Mythical Boat
The Magic Flight In Folklore
The Jewish Kabbala
Mystics Among The New England Hills
Zodiacal Symbolism
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Bird Songs - A collection of many American 19th Century periodical articles about bird songs and includes music notation for many bird songs.

Price - $5.00

Sacred Flora - A collection of American periodical articles on the subject of the folklore and sacred meanings and uses of plants.
Price - $4.00

Visible Sound
Two 19th Century articles about fascinating experiments to create visible physical patterns using sound sources.

Price - $3.00

Violin solos (or woodwind)
A sheet music collection of solo instrumental music published in 19th Century America.
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Baseball Songs
2 PDF collections of many 19th & early 20th Century songs on the subject of baseball.
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Price - 7.50

The Guitar Music Of
The Amazing "Mrs. Knoop"

L'Alhambra Waltz

The Flowers Of Andalusia 1850

Rosignol Polka 1850

Carnival Of Venice 1847

The Adieu (El Adios) 1866



Madame Delores Nevares de Goñi was one of the most prominent and talented guitarists of her time. Her performances were widely popular throughout the Americas between 1841 and 1892.

Madame De Goni's first husband also was a guitarist, but in 1845 she married George Knoop, a renowned cellist, after Sr. de Goni ..discreetlty left the scene. Most of her guitar compositions were published using only the name "Mrs Knoop".

An 1840 notice in the New York Herald:
"A distinguished female, professor of the Spanish guitar, has just arrived from Europe' Her name is Dona Dolores de Goni, a Spanish lady of exquisite beauty, and still more exquisite accomplishments in Spanish music. During the last spring and summer she gave many exhibitions before the royalty and nobility of England, that brought forth great applause. Despite the lavish claims in the press notice, de Goni was only moderately successful in London."

Download the music of Mrs. Knoop
Scans of the original sheet music in PDF format, prepared for easy printing on standard size paper.
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The Music of Amy Beach

Amy Marcy Cheney Beach (September 5, 1867 – December 27, 1944) was an American composer and pianist. She was the first successful American female composer of large-scale art music. As a pianist, she was acclaimed for concerts she gave in the United States and in Germany.

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Sousa for the Guitar - What may be the earliest guitar transcriptions of many John Philip Sousa marches.

Price - $4.00

Reels For Band
8 Reels for Band
by J. H. Ross

Instrumentation included in this 19th Century American sheet music:
(Note- Obviously these parts could be substituted by other instruments)
Violin 1st, Violin 2nd, Viola, Cello, Basso, Piccolo, Clarinet 1st, Clarinet 2nd, Coronets, Horns, Trombone, Tuba, Drums

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Composer Arthur Farwell
& The Wa-Wan Press

The Wa-Wan Press was an American music publishing company founded in 1901 by composer Arthur Farwell in Newton Center, Massachusetts. Arthur Farwell (March 23, 1872 – January 20, 1952) was an American composer, conductor, educationalist, lithographer, esoteric savant, and music publisher.
The firm concentrated on publishing compositions by so-called Indianist movement members—composers who incorporated traditional Native American music into their works.

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An amazing collection of some of the
Dumbest & Strangest
Songs Ever Published
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Native American Music - A collection of American periodical articles about Native American songs and music, including music notation of many songs and chants.

Price - $5.00


19th Century American
Periodical Articles About Music

Scans of the complete articles, including music notation examples and interesting engravings. PDFs are all prepared for easy printing on standard size paper.


Songs And Ballads Of The Revolution
On The Track Of The Arkansas Traveler



Negro Spirituals
Creole Slave Songs

The Dance In Place Congo
Origin Of The John Brown Song


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Music composed by Nobody

In 19th Century America there were thousands of pieces of sheet music published. Many of these pieces of music were published using strange fake names. This PDF collection contains the following list of pieces:

That Horrible Fly - by A. Buzz (Voice & Keyboard)
Vampire Polka - by Four Eyes (Keyboard)
Song of the Season - by A Friend Of The Children (Voice & Keyboard)
The Pope & Sultan - Dedicated to A Church Without A Bishop and A State Without A King - by A Pilgrim (Voice & Keyboard)
The Wheelbarrow Polka - by A Barrel Apples (Keyboard)
Doctor Ironbeard - by Blackbeard (Voice & Keyboard)
It's Yankee Not English At All - Words by A Yankee, Music by Jove (Voice & Keyboard)
Everybody's Polka - Dedicated to Nobody - by Somebody (Keyboard)
Free Love Polka - Dedicated to Several Pretty Girls - by One of the Free Lovers (Keyboard)
Wide Awake Polka - by I Dunno (Keyboard)
Fast Mail - Grand Concert Gallop - by Per Lightning (Keyboard)
Serenade Catskill Katamiaul - by Moonlight (Keyboard)
Fifth Avenue Gallop - by Musicus (Keyboard)
Know Nothing Polka - Dedicated to Everybody - by Nobody (Keyboard)
Prize Baby's Polka - by One of 'em (Keyboard)
National Grange Quickstep - by A. Sickle (Keyboard)
Tell Me Darling - Words by Frank Sweet, music by Six Sharps (Voice & Piano)
Give the Sunshine of Your Heart - by Snowbird (Voice & Keyboard)
Yankee Doodle in Mexico - by Uncle Sam (Voice & Piano)
The Palace Waltz - by A Young American (Keyboard)
Mark Twain Waltz -by XYZ (Keyboard)

Price - $5.00

The Music Of The Ephrata Cloister

The Ephrata Cloister or Ephrata Community was a religious community made up of both men and women members, established in 1732 by Johann Conrad Beissel at Ephrata, in what is now Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Beissel taught music at the Cloister and wrote hundreds of songs and choral works. Many of the other members of the cloister also devoted themselves to poetry and music and art. Their choir became widely known in early America for their ethereal and unique music, created in a musical notation system created by Beisell.

We have prepared a PDF file with 3 pieces of music from the Ephrata Cloister transcribed into standard notation and also a PDF file with scans of an original 16 page 19th Century periodical article about the Cloister containing many engravings.

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19th Century Periodical Articles About Texas

Scans of historic articles about Texas in PDF format with excellent engravings of Texas images.


PDF 1 -

Glimpses of Texas 1
PDF 2 -
Glimpses of Texas2
Through Texas
PDF 4 -
The Presidents of Texas
A Stray Yankee in Texas
PDF 5 -
The New South - The City of Fort Worth
The Last Years of Sam Houston
PDF 6 -
San Antonio De Bexar
A Tale Of Texas Life
Texas (by ex-Senator Samuel Bell Maxey)

You can purchase and download the entire Texas article collection for $5.00 below. After your Paypal or Credit/Debit card payment is processed, you will quickly be emailed the download link for all 7 PDF files.

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More interesting
historic Texas stuff

Rare Texas sheet music

A unique and extensive collection of scanned sheet music published in 19th Century Texas.
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Price - 6.00



Unusual Music Patents

A sizeable collection of some very unique music patents from early America.
Price -$5.00



American Irish Songs - A collection of sheet music songs for guitar and voice published in 19th Century America with Irish themes.

Price - $6.00

Beer and Ale songs - A collection of published songs and music with beer and ale themes.
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Price -$3.50

Political Songs
A collection of often very satirical and humorous songs about politics in 19th Century Americs. Includes:
Election Night
(or the musings of a politician’s wife)
Political Situations
March Along Democrats
Wake Oh Republicans Wake
Forward March Republicans
Wait Till The Votes Are Counted
Shall Women Vote?
Good Hard Cider (campaign song)
The Reason Why I Was Elected
The Soldier’s Vote
The Humbug Reform
Down With The Plumed Knight
I Wish I Was De Mayor
I’m The Governor’s Only Son
Wheelbarrow or Cider Polka

Price - $3.50

Masonic sheet music - An extensive collection of American Masonic sheet music.
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Price - $6.00

Activist Songs - A collection of 4 books of songs on themes of labor, fellowship, peace and socialism.
Peace Songs
Labor Reform Songster
Socialist Songs With Music
Songs Of The Fellowship

Price - $7.00


For The Love of the Reel
A collection of many reels published in 19th Century America.

Price - 5.00


Music by African American Composers
A PDF book of selected pieces by African American composers of the 19th & early 20th century. Includes:
Anthem for Christmas - (Keyboard, Voice & Chorus) William Brady
Welcome to the Era March (Keyboard) Jacob Sawyer
Andante (Guitar) Justin Holland
The Pilgrim Overture (Keyboard) J.T. Douglas
Parisian Waltzes (Keyboard) H. F. Williams
Le Serment de L'Arabe - Dramatic Chant (Keyboard & Voice) - Edmund DeDe
La Capricieuse Waltz (Keyboard) Basil Barres
Au Clair de Lune (Keyboard) Lucien Lambert
Lauriett - Ballad (Keyboard & Voice) H. F. Williams
Les Clochettes -Fantasie Mazurka (Keyboard) - Sidney Lambert
Rays of Hope March (Keyboard) W. F. Craig
Scenes of Youth - Descriptive (Keyboard) F .E. Lewis
Mass for Three Voices - Gloria & Agnus Dei (Keyboard & 3 voice) - S. Snaer

Price - $3.50

100 Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes & Country Dances for solo instrument
Price - $2.50


Early American music,
unusual & unique music,
and ephemera collection.

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