American Masonic Music

In 19th Century America, the Freemasons were busy publishing all kinds of music, instrumental, choral, songs, you name it. Below is a list of such pieces that we have found so far. You can find the directions for downloading this sheet music at the bottom of the following list:

A few unique vocal & choral works
1. Songs Of The Freemasons (exact date unknown) 3 Masonic songs
2. Simple Music For Lodge Singing - 1875
3. A Masonic Musical Service For The Three Degrees - 1877
4. Templar Service - 1878 (This is a 26 page choral work for 4-parts and keyboard)


Piano Solos

5. Amaranth Waltz - 1873
6. Boston Templar March - 1895
7. De Molay Grand March - year unknown
8. Eastern Star Grand March - 1877
9. Eastern Star Quadrille - 1875
10. The Jolly Brothers Polka - 1872 (This one is composed by "A. Mason".
11. Keystone March - 1855
12. Knights Templar Festival March - 1855
13. Knights Templar Grand March - 1877
14. Masonic Funeral March - Year unknown
15. Masonic Grand March - Year unknown
16. Rosslyn Castle - 1856

More vocal music
17. A Masonic Ode - Year Unknown - (very early 19th Century, arranged by Benjamin Carr, Colonial music publisher and composer)
18. Masonic Hymn - 1873


Purchasing & Downloading

The above listed collection contains scans of the original sheet music and is available for download as one PDF book (12 MBs), created for easy high quality printing. The price is $5.00.
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The Music Of Freemason
Guitarist Justin Holland

Justin Holland was one of the first American 19th Century classical guitarists, and he was teacher and a composer. He was also a prominent member of the African-American Masonic lodge. We have collected sheet music of the solo guitar works and the arrangements for voice and guitar of Justin Holland.

We also now offer Holland's method for the guitar


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