The Hutchinson Family Singers
America's First Protest Singers


This music on this page was performed and composed by one of the best-known musical ensembles of mid 19th Century America, the Hutchinson Family. The ensemble consisted at different time of various combinations of the children of one Jesse Hutchinson, a farmer from Milford, New Hampshire, and his wife Mary.

They often sang about rural life and social issues such as abolition, temperance, politics, war and womens suffrage. The Hutchinsons began as common farmers that became highly respected performers and much of their their music focused on idealism, social reform, equal rights, moral improvement, community activism and patriotism.

The career of the Hutchinsons spanned the major social and political events of the mid-nineteenth century including the Civil War. The Hutchinson Family Singers established an impressive musical legacy. They are considered to be the forerunners of the great protest singers/songwriters/ folk groups of 20th Century and the nineteen fifties and sixties.

According to the Biography Channel, "...all of [the 13 living Hutchinson offspring] at one time sang in the family ensemble. They were originally known as the Hutchinson Family or 'Tribe of Jesse' when they performed locally, singing the popular songs of the time. By 1841, however, a son, Jesse (1813-1853), had settled in Boston, and he became the musical director and manager of a quartet made up of four of his siblings: (Adoniramro) Judson (1817-1859), John (1821-1908), Asa (1823-1884) and Abby (1829-1892). (Another brother, Joshua, occasionally substituted for a missing member.) They began to travel throughout New England and New York State (occasionally using the name 'Aeolian Vocalists.') They soon changed their name to the Hutchinson Family and it was by that name that they performed in New York City (1842) and Great Britain (1845-1846). Although not limiting their appearances to such groups, they often performed before socially progressive gatherings -- temperance, abolitionists, women's rights groups -- or in prisons and almshouses. The brothers Judson and Jesse composed most of their songs. Judson moved to Minnesota in 1855 and helped found the town of Hutchinson. With the death of Judson (1859), they split into two ensembles -- the 'Tribe of John' and the 'Tribe of Asa' -- but both still billed themselves as the Hutchinson Family. During the Civil War they popularized such tunes as 'The Battle Cry of Freedom' and 'Tenting on the Old Camp Ground'. . . .The two Hutchinson groups -- by this time including children and grandchildren of the original members -- continued performing into the 1880s."

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Hutchinson Family
Sheet Music and Ephemera

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The Hutchinson Family
Sheet Music Collection

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If I Were A Voice

Here is an example of the unique lyrics to this song:

If I were a voice, a persuasive voice,
that could travel the wide world through,
I would fly on the beams of the morning light
and speak to men with a gentle might,
and tell them to be true,-
I would fly, I would fly over land and sea
whever a human heart might be,
telling a tale or singing a song,
in praise of right, in blame of wrong.
If I were a voice..... if I were a voice.....

composed by Judson Hutchinson, sung by Abby Hutchinson

Right Over Wrong - Coming Right Along
"To All Who Are Interested In Human Progress"
by Jesse Hutchinson - 1855?

There's A Good Time Coming
Hutchinson Family - 1846

Uncle Sam's Farm
Words by Jesse Hutchinson Jr.,
Music adapted an arranged by Nathan Barker - 1850

Bright Things Can Never Die (Kind Words Can Never Die)
Composed by Sister Abby - 1855

Topsy's Song
Words by Miss Eliza Cook, music by Asa Hutchinson - 1853

Cape Ann
by the Hutchinson Family - 1843

Mountain Echo
by the Hutchinson Family - 1853

Eight Dollars A Day
Written and dedicated to the Congress of the US
by J.J. Hutchinson - 1848

Good Old Plough
Song of the New England Farmer
Dedicated to The Agricultural Society of New Hampshire
by A.B. Hutchinson - 1850

Slavery Is A Hard Foe To Battle
Hutchinson Family - 1855

We Pitch Our Tents On The Old Campground
As sung by "The Tribe Of Jesse", Arranged by Solomon Markstein 1857

The Horticultural Wife
Written by a celebrated English gardener, music composed by the Hutchinson Family - 1850

The World Goes Round And Round
Word by J.G. Holland, music by J.W. Hutchinson - 1881

Triple Hued Banner
Words by Mrs. C. A. Mason, music by Asa Hutchinson - 1864

Close His Eyes, His Work Is Done - A Dirge For A Soldier
Words by George Boker - music by Asa Hutchinson - 1863

The Furnace Blast
Words by J.C. Whittier - music by John W. Hutchinson - 1862

Lashed To The Mast
Words by F.H. Stauffer - music by John w. Hutchinson - 1867

Go Call The Doctor And Be Quick (or Anti-Calomel)
Words and music by J. J. Hutchinson

Away Down East (A Comic Song)
Words by Arthur Morrell, music by the Hutchinson Family

The Angel Of Patience
Composed by H. D. Barrows

Bridge Of Sighs

Ghost Of Uncle Tom

Emancipation Song

Rock In The Wilderness

Reign Oh Reign, Massa Jesus Reign

Recollections Of Home

Mountain Echo

Kind Words Can Never Die

and more...........

New Hutchinson Family sheet music additions:

Brotherhood Of Man

Over The River

Get Off The Track

The Seasons

Axes To Grind


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