The People's Conspiracy
is the public division of
The International War Against Stupidity™

International War Against Stupidity

*The International War Against Stupidity™ (IWAS) is an organization dedicated to fighting stupidity in all of its insidious forms. As you can imagine, judging from the amount of stupidity in the world, this is a daunting task. But the IWAS covert agents fight on, in an never ending battle against stupidity, in every country in the world.

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The People's Conspiracy

Considering the crazy ways things seem to keep happening after we send the politicians from both political parties to Washington D.C., a new kind of candidate for President might not be a bad idea. Or, we could revive an old campaign.
Listen to the original Howdy Doody For President campaign songs..........

Howdy Doody For President

And now:


"Music to dance in the streets to while you protest stupidity in your government. There are few things that unnerve a corrupt politician more than seeing protesting citizens dancing in the streets outside their office in celebration of liberty, freedom and justice." -
J.S. Jamieson, Founder of:
The International War Against Stupidity

The People's Conspiracy
Jug Band's
Greatest Hits!

1. The Protest Toddle
2. A New Song To Resist Injustice
3. By Jove I'll Be Free!
4. Constitution March- MP3
5. Dancing and Protesting
6. Free America
7. Independence Hornpipe
8. Liberty
9. Repeal The Unjust Tax!

Download a "zip file" with all 9 classic and amazing People's Conspiracy Jug Band's Greatest Hits MP3s for the unbelievably low price of only $5.00!!!

Price - $5.00

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