The Witches Song

In old books such as "Witchcraft and Superstitious Record in the
South-Western District of Scotland, by J. Maxwell Wood", there is information about a quite old song called "The Witches Gathering". Here is a quote from the book describing the song:

"There is a remnant extant of an old song called the “Witches’ Gathering,” that with quaint and mystic indication tells of the preliminary signals and signs, announcing that a midnight
re-union or “Hallowmass rade” as it was aptly termed, had been arranged and appointed:—

“When the gray howlet has three times hoo’d,
When the grimy cat has three times mewed,
When the tod has yowled three times i’ the wode,
At the red moon cowering ahin the cl’ud;
When the stars ha’e cruppen’ deep i’ the drift,
Lest cantrips had pyked them out o’ the lift,
Up horsies a’ but mair adowe,
Ryde, ryde for Locher-briggs-knowe!”

We have created a version of this song, changing the words into more modern English as best we can, and then using an old tune "The Witches Hill", created a PDF version of the song with the lyrics, melody, guitar chords and a basic harp or keyboard accompaniment.

Here is an instrumental arrangement of the Witches Hill tune:

MP3 of The Witches Hill

Our translation into modern English for the song is as follows:

When the gray owl has three times hooted,
When the black cat three times mewed,
When the fox has howled three times in the wood,
At the red moon cowering behind the cloud:

When the stars have crept deep in the drift,
Lest spells had picked them out of the lift,
Up horses ah' but mare adore,
Ride!, Ride! for The Witches Hill

As well as the above song arrangement, we have also created a PDF collection of 5 old traditional tunes related to witches. Each of the following pieces contains the melody, guitar chords and a basic harp or keyboard accompaniment.
These simple arrangements can be used to create your own versions and improvisations.

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The Witches' Coven - MP3 arrangement
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The Witches

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