Music Composed On The
Death Of George Washington

Young America grieved the loss of George Washington who passed away on December 14, 1799, and they expressed this sorrow in many pieces of music. Washington had been a great force in the creation of the United States, and the people were grateful to him for that. They wrote poems, composed songs and sang in praise and memory of one of the leaders of the American Revolution.


We have arranged, orchestrated and recorded two instrumental MP3 examples of these unique musical compositions.

The first is Mount Vernon, a choral work composed by Connecticut composer Stephen Jenks in 1800. He stated that this song was "Composed on the death of Gen'l Washington."
Stephen Jenks published many songbooks of his works in New England, eventually moved to Ohio where he spend the remaining 25 years of his life building and selling percussion instruments such as drums and tambourines.
Our version of this choral work is scored for orchestra & choir.


The second is A Funeral Dirge On The Death Of General George Washington. The composer of this song was Peter Albrecht von Hagen who was the organist at the Stone Chapel church in Boston. It was first published in January of 1800. Our MP3 version of this song is scored for full orchestra.



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