Howdy Doody For President

Official Howdy for President campaign photo - Copyright 2016


Vote for a REAL puppet!

Considering the crazy ways things seem to keep happening after we send the politicians from both political parties to Washington D.C., a new kind of candidate for President might not be a bad idea. Or, we could revive an old campaign.



On March 4, 1948, Howdy Doody, the marionette star of the Howdy Doody Show, the first nationally shown daily television show for children, announced his candidacy for President. While some people did not take Howdy's candidacy seriously, the response from his main constituency, kids, was amazing. Over 250,00 requests came in for "I'm for Howdy" campaign buttons.

"Buffalo Bob" (Bob Smith) , Howdy's co-star and the show's host had hired gag writer Eddie Kean to work with the show. Over the years, Kean wrote 99 songs and 1,980 scripts during his tenure on the show. He wrote the two campaign songs featured on this page, "I'm for Howdy Doody" and "Howdy Doody for President.

Howdy's campaign platform promised, amongst many other things appealing to most kids, two Christmas holidays but fewer school days a year and more pictures in history books. Time magazine even took note of the campaign, reporting that Howdy was also pushing for free admission to the circus and rodeo.

Advertising sponsors joined in Howdy's campaign efforts. Children were invited to vote by filling out a form printed on the end of Wonder Bread bags. Post Cereals included a Howdy Doody for president ring.

When the final votes were tallied, Well known TV columnist Jack Gould reported that Howdy finished third in the overall presidential race that year, behind Harry Truman and Thomas Dewey, but racked up 10 times the votes afforded Henry Wallace.

Howdy Doody campaign songs
in MP3 format:

I'm for Howdy Doody!

Howdy Doody for President

Both of the MP3 files above are audio extractions from the original shows featuring the Howdy Doody for President campaign. Collections with this and other episodes of Howdy Doody are available from various stores that sell DVD with collections of classic television shows.


I'm for Howdy Doody!

(Note - for those of you who do not know, the reference below to "peanut gallery" refers to the guest children seated in the show's seating area.)

BUFFALO BOB: I'm for Howdy Doody, are you?

BUFFALO BOB: I'm for Howdy Doody, so let's all give him a hand.
I'm for Howdy Doody, are you?
BUFFALO BOB: I'm for Howdy Doody, the finest boy in the land.

You can look all night,
look all day,
look from Maine to Californ-eye-ay,
ask each boy and girl you see,
you will find they all agree that they're for Howdy Doody.
Are you?

Howdy Doody For President

Howdy Doody, for president,
He's America's choice.
Howdy Doody for president,
the favorite of all the girls and boys.

Howdy Doody for president,
He's the fellow for me.
Howdy Doody for president,
Let's sweep him on to victory.

Vote for a REAL puppet!

A message for the hundreds of thousands of you out there who are old enough to remember voting for Howdy in the original Howdy Doody for President campaign.......



Breaking campaign news.....

Howdy announces his choices
for a running mate and cabinet!

Howdy's current picks for
Vice President and his first cabinet:

Vice President - Clarabell

Secretary of Defense - Capt. Windy Scuttlebut

Secretary of State - Mayor Phineas T. Bluster

Treasury Secretary - Dilly Dally

Attorney General - Inspector John J.Fadoozle ("America's number 1 private eye")

Director of the EPA - Sandra the Witch

Secretary of Education - Heidi Doody
(Howdy's sister)

UN Ambassador - Flub-a-Dub


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Howdy Doody
for President



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