The Halloween Recordings

The Halloween Recordings


For over two decades now, every year on Halloween I have prepared unusual, mysterious and often spooky audio recordings.
All of these recordings are created using natural sounds, transcribed into music using specially designed software.
What the software does, is take any natural sound such a that of a running stream, examine it's tonal and rhythm structure and change it into musical notes that represents that structure. Then those musical notes, sometimes quite complex, are loaded into software that generates sound using digital technology. In the case of the above mentioned recording of a running stream, you then have the music of water.


The following list show some of the variety of natural sound sources I have used in this process of transcribing natural sounds into music. Some are self explanatory, descriptions have been added to others.

Avalanche-Blizzard - A mountain snow avalanche during a windy snow storm
Background Radiation - Sounds generated by the background radiation of the universe
Bee Hive
Big Bang - Leftover sounds of the Big Bang
Flowing stream
(short MP3 excerpt sample )
HAARP - Sounds of the mysterious HAARP array. Google HAARP if you want to know more about it. (short MP3 excerpt sample )
Northern Lights - The Northern Lights generate electromagnetic sounds. This is a transcription of those sounds.
Pulsar - Sounds from a pulsar star
Rock-fall - Sounds transcribed from a large rock-fall down the side of a mountain.
Singing Sands


Downloading the
Halloween MP3 collection

You can purchase and download the Halloween MP3 collection in the form of a "zip" file for the price of $4.00. Zip files are easily opened and the MP3s extracted on almost any system.

After your Paypal or Credit Card payment is processed you will immediately receive by email the download link.

Send us an email if you have any questions.

Halloween MP3s-$4.00



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This experimental music has been developed over three decades using a variety of special music generating software programs. Some of the more primitive programs and early experiments go back as far as the early "DOS" operating system computers... all the way to custom modern music software and artificial intelligence (AI) software developed and/or adapted here at Amaranth Publishing.

Music created by
software & artificial intelligence


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