A PDF collection of many unique and interesting patents from early Ameica, for guitar "improvements", new instrument inventions related to the guitar, guitar variations, combinations, guitar parts, slides, picks, attachments of many kinds etc.

The collection includes...

Arm Rest for Guitar
Auxillary Vibrator for Guitar
Bar for Guitar
Bell Attachment for Guitars or Banjos
Capo Tasto
Capodastro 2 for Guitar
Capodastro 1 for Guitar
Chord Playing Attachment
Combined Guitar and Mandolin
Combined Mandolin & Guitar
Double Bass Guitar
Electronic Music Instrument (1893)
Finger Shield
Fingering Attachment
Fingering Device for Guitar
Glass Tonebar
Guitar 1
Guitar 2
Guitar 3
Guitar 4
Guitar 5
Guitar 6
Guitar 7
Guitar 8
Guitar 9
Guitar 10
Guitar 11
Guitar Banjo
Guitar Bridge
Guitar Cithern
Guitar Music Notation
Guitar or Other Stringed Instrument
Guitar Pick
Guitar Steel
Improvements in Guitars, Violins etc
Imrpovement for Guitars
Keyboard for Guitar or other String Instruments
Mandolin Attachment for Guitar
Musical Instrument 1
Musical Instrument 2
Musical Instrument 3
Musical Instrument 5
Musical Instrument 6
Musical Instrument 4
Musical Stringed Instrument
Mute for String Instruments
Pedal Guitar
Pick for Music Instruments
Revolving Musical Scale
String Bridge for Guitars
Stringed Musical Instrument
Strnged Instrument of the Guitar or Mandolin variety
Tone Amplifier for String Instruments
Tone Enriching Device
Tremelo Attachment

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