There are numerous recordings available of J.R. Tolkien reading his books and poems. Within one of these readings there are 4 recordings of him actually singing 4 songs based on poems from his books.

So, we used one of our specialized audio software/AI programs to "listen" to the songs , and then take what it transcribed and "learned" about Tolkien's unique style of singing, create a piece of music and then had it create a harp (or piano) background for the song.
This rather unique music is what the software created from the 4 songs.

We have also created4 notated arrangements of the results, as well as an MP3 sample of each arrangement. These arrangements include the melody, a basic harp (or keyboard) accompaniment and guitar chords. These basic arrangements can quite easily be used to create various versions of this music.

MP3 sample of song #1

Downloading the
Middle Earth Songs collection

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and the notation
in PDF format,
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You can listen to more music created by our experimental and generative music software here.


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