A bit of entertaining history
about fiddling and fiddlers
and a unique collection of fiddle tunes...

We have found a few old and entertaining publications related to fiddlers and fiddling. We have created PDF files containing scans of the original writing in an easy to print format.

We have also created a PDF collection of interesting fiddle tunes
The tunes are presented in a basic arrangement with guitar chords and a keyboard (or harp) accompaniment. You can use these basic arrangements to create your own version...
(PS - An obvious aside
these tunes can also be played on other instruments such as woodwinds....)

Queer Fiddles
Queer Fiddling

Wallace Sutcliffe
1. Some Queer Fiddles
2. Some Queer Fiddling Feats
London - 1892

The Bewitched Fiddle
An Irish Tale

Seumas Macmanus



The Art of
Fiddle Making


John Broadhouse





A collection of interesting fiddle tunes...

Blind Fiddler
Fiddler 'Round the Fairy Tree MP3 sample
Fiddler's Dream
Fiddlers Fancy
Fiddlers' Frolic
Fiddler's Hideaway
Fiddler's Joy
Fiddlers Rock
Fiddles Hanging On The Wall
Give the Fiddler a Dram
Magic Fiddle
The 10 Pound Fiddle
The Absent MInded Fiddler
The Bewitched Fiddler
The Blind Fiddler
The Fiddler's Heaven MP3 sample arrrangement



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