5 Ebooks about the Folkore, Legends,
Myths, Fairy Stories and Tales
about Music and more...

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Book #1

The Legend of Knockgrafton
The Child and the Fiddle
Old Pipes and the Dryad
Story of the Most Wonderful Self-Playing Harp
The Street Musicians
Tiidu The Piper
The Marvelous Musician
Ripple the Water Spirit
Fairy Song
The Piper
The Lad and the Old Lassie’s Song
A Fairy Song
Some Descriptions of Fairy Music
The Fiddler and the Bogle of Bogandoran
The Piper and the Puca
O’Carolan and Other Music Tales
Kate Ellen’s Wake
The Lost Pibroch
The Magic Pipe
The Singing Bird Of Heaven
The Flute
Fairy Music 2
The Flute-Player
The Courageous Flute-Player
The Bremen Town Musicians
The Young Piper
The Sheoques
The Trooping Fairies
Jamie Freel And The Young Lady
The Greedy Old Man
The Fairy Island
The Girl Who Danced With The Fairies
Adventures Of Robin Goodfellow
The Wood-Lady
Swanda the Piper
The Story Of Vox Angelica And Lieblich Gedacht
The Wonderful Musician
The Bird-Fairy Speaks
The Fairies And The Fiddler
The Wonderful Tune
Diarmid Bawn, The Piper
The Divine Musician
David Turton, Musician At Horbury
John Bartendale, The Piper
Medical Powers Of Music
The Promise
The Song That Traveled
The Musician
The Music-Lover
A Street Singer
Little Freddy With His Fiddle
The Magic Fiddle
Runes From The Kalewala
The Fiddler In The Fairy Ring
The Player On The Jew’s-Harp
Phantom Music
Phantom Sounds
A man who spent twelve months and a day with the Fairies
Dick the Fiddler and the Fairy Crown-Piece
The Elf Dancers of Cae Caled
Music and Bird Singing heard before Death
The Minstrels Or Musicians of the Sidhe
The Testimony of a Galway Piper
The Celestial Sisters
Story And Song Of The Deathless Voice
Lord Cuttle-Fish Gives A Concert
The Fisherman And The Moon-Maiden
The Three Musical Brothers
The Magic Umbrellas

Book #2

4 chapters, each containing many tales....

Musical Fairies and Their Kinsfolk
Musical Myths and Folk-Lore
Superstitions Concerning Bells
Popular Stories with Musical Traditions

Book #3

Jamie Freel and the Young Lady: A Donegal Tale
Ethna the Bride
A Visit to Fairyland
The Lost Wife of Ballaleece
The Lost Child
The World’s Most Beauteous Damsel
Touching the Elements
The Hunchback of Willow Brake
The Palace in the Rath
Billy Beg, Tom Beg, and the Fairies
A "Verry Volk" Feast
The Midnight Dance
Twelve Dancing Princesses
The Luck of Edenhall
The Giant Finn and Lund's Cathedral
The Story of Tam M'Kechan
Mysel' i' da Mill
Little Anklebone
The Magic Fiddle
The Pixies of Devonshire
The Fairies as Fallen Angel

Book #4
16 musical excerpts from

Book #5
A fifth ebook not about music
but still interesting...

Plants in Fairy Lore and Legend contains 2 extensive chapters with many stories about plants in the legends of fairies.

Plants in Fairy Lore
Plants of the Fairies and Naiades


5 Ebooks in both PDF
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