The Music of American Guitarist Charles De Janon

The Guitar Music of
Charles De Janon (1834-1911)

Charles De Janon was born in Cartegena, Columbia and his family emigrated to New York when he was six years old.

He studied both the violin and piano, but at age nine took up the guitar. This was a good choice for him because he went on to become one of America's most important guitarists from the mid to late 19th century.

He was known by many to be a bit of a child prodigy when he began to compose and publish various works for guitar as a teenager.
Along with his many compositions and transcriptions for guitar, he also created the American edition of famous guitarist Matteo Carcassi's method for the guitar.

We have prepared a PDF file with scans of the original sheet music by Romero, prepared for easy black and white printing on standard size paper.

Pieces included in this collection:

Addie Waltz
Butterfly Waltz
Long, Long Ag
Thou Art So Near And Yet So Far
Sleep Well, My Angel
'Tis But A Little Faded Flower
Florence Gavotte
Dreamland Mazurka
May Flower Waltz
La Rose Waltz
Le Secret
The Electric Waltz
Tuxedo Mazurka

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Luis T. Romero

Romero was born in San Luis Obispo, California in 1854 and died in Boston, November 19, 1893.
His parents emigrated from Spain.
While quite young he had learned and played the guitar. He eventually he moved to Los Angeles and continued his studies with Miguel S. Arrevalo.
Later he moved to San Jose, California, performed and taught guitar and while living there began to publish numerous works.
He then moved to Boston and continued his teaching practice while establishing his performance career which led to publishing many of his original and arranged works for guitar.

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