The Guitar Music
Of William O. Bateman

William O. Bateman (1825–1883), "a successful lawyer, music engraver, guitarist, and nationally recognized guitar composer. He not only composed but he also taught guitar and music engraving. Many of his compositions and arrangements were published.
To his credit, Bateman was a main teacher of the prominent American guitarist/composer William Foden.
Bateman wrote a thirty-six page pamphlet "Harmonometry", or Science 0f Music and Musical Composition. Founded on the Natural Progressions 0f Harmonic Sounds, which was published in 1861.

Guitar Solos

Aurora Waltz
Il Penseroso
Philomela Waltz
Home To Our Mountains (transcription)
Beethoven's Dream Waltz
The Forgotten Polka
Call Me Thine Own (transcription)
Soldiers Chorus (transcription)
Evening Star (mazurka)
Shaker's Dance



The Cottage Rose
There Is Sunshine In My Heart
Erin Weeps Forsaken
Light Of My Soul
When The Moon On The Lake Is Beaming
Home Of My Youth
I'll Look For Thee Mary
The Love Knot
Music At Nightfal (duet)
Alas, Those Chimes So Sweetly Stealing
Gentle Kate


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