The Banjo was a very popular instrument in the 1800s and early 1900s, and many original compositions, arrangements, transcriptions and instruction books were published at that time. Everything from jigs, reels, etc., arrangements of popular songs and even classical pieces for banjo were published in cities across America.

We have gathered, scanned the original works, and prepared them as easy to print on standard size paper as PDF files.


Included in this collection:

Turner's 60 Breakdowns - 38 pages (For 2 banjos)

Instrumental Gems for Banjo - 31 pages

Tenor Banjo (or Mandolo) Collection - 16 pages

Twenty Instrumental Gems for Banjo - 31 pages

The Banjoist - 94 pages - Instructions, and many arrangements

Feldman's "Banjo Album" - 19 pages of song arrangements

The Banjo Philosophically - "Its construction its capabilities, its evolution, its place as a Musical Instrument, its possibilities! Also an exposition of the 'harmonic tones' and their philosophy'.

And last but by no means least....
Method For Tenor Banjo by William Foden - (William Foden was a well known and respected American guitarist, composer and transcriber of many styles) We have web page with many of Foden's guitar works and a guitar instruction book.)

This collection is PDF files with scans of the original published sheet music prepared for easy printing on standard size paper.

Price - $6.00

The American Guitar Collection

Compositions, arrangements, instruction books and collections for guitar published in
19th Century America.

American Guitar Collection


Early American music,
unusual & unique music,
and ephemera collection.

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