Music transcribed in Africa in 1920

We found these fascinating pieces of music in the appendix of an old book that was seriously damaged in the front of the book, but these pieces of music were in near perfect condition. The book was published in 1920 and these pieces of music were transcribed from live performances in Africa.

We have scanned the original music (68 pages) and prepared it as a PDF file, that is easy to read and print on standard size paper.

Chindau Songs

Song of the Rain Ceremony
Song of the Rain Ceremony 2
Spirit Song
Spirit Song 2
Spirit Song 3
Spirit Song 4
Song of Love
Dance of Girls

Children's Songs
Drip-drop the Rain
Hopping Song
Drying Song

Laboring Songs
Laboring Song 1
Laboring Chant
Laboring Song 2

Dance Song
Dance Song 2
Dance Song 3
"To Walk" - Mocking-Song

From the Folk-Tale-
"How the Animals Dug Their Well"

The Animals Dance Song
The Hares Dance Song
The Hares Dance Song 2

Legend of the Daughter and the Slave
Song of the Cord
Song of the Sky Maiden

Zulu Songs
Song of War
Song of Children - Lullaby
Dance Song
Dance Song 2
Song of Love
Song of Love 2
Song of Love 3
Song of Love 4






The Music of Africa PDF

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