Music Of Social Justice
In 19th Century America


Slavery, Abolition, Emancipation


The poor

Native American Issues & Genocide


The Social Justice Songs Of Composer Ned Straight


Slavery, Abolition, Emancipation

I Hear The Hoofs (or the lost child)
Emancipation and Abolition song
Composer unknown - 1849

They've Sold Me Down The River (A Negro Father's Lament)
For voice, chorus and piano
G. Friedrich Wurzel - 1853

Phoebee Lee
Emancipation and Abololition song
for voice and piano
H. Graven Griffiths (composed for the Christy Minstrels) - 1852

Poor Old Slave - (for Georgian slave S. Glover)
For voice and piano
W. H. Griffith - 1874

The Female Slave's Lament
For voice, chorus and piano
Words by F. C. Germon, music by Frank Howard - 1849

Meet Me In Heaven or The Night Funeral Of A Slave
C. C. Converse - 1854
For voice, chorus and piano

Tramps, Hobos

The Poor Forsaken Tramp
For voice, chorus and piano
Words by George Russell Jackson, music by C.A. White - 1877

The Wanderer
For voice and piano
John L. Hardee - year unknown

The Tramp
For voice and piano
Frederick Carnes - 1878

Only A Tramp
For voice and piano
Dr. Addison D. Crabtree (year unknown)

I Am A Tramp
For voice, chorus and piano
A Mathiot - 1883

The Vagabond
Song for voice and piano
L. V. H. Crosby - 1879

Poverty & The Poor

Don't Judge A Man By The Coat That He Wears
Version 1 - For voice and guitar
Words by W.H. Ashton - Music by Chaz Schultz
Arranged for Guitar by W. L. Hayden - 1873
Version 1 - For voice and piano
Words by W.H. Ashton - Music by Chaz Schultz

Give Bread To The Poor
For voice and piano
Words by James Dillon, music by A.W. Young - 1878

Give A Poor Fellow A Lift
For voice and piano
Words by Clay Green, music by Jos. J. Daynes (year unknown)

Homeless Tonight
For voice, chorus and guitar
Words and music by C.L. White
arranged for guitar by W. L. Hayden - (year unknown)

Despised For Being Poor
For voice and piano
C.H. Austin - 1885

Houseless, Homeless - Out In The Cold
For voice, chorus and piano
Robert Challoner - 1875

God Help The Poor Working Man's Child
Voice and Piano
Chas A. Seville - 1884

Be Kind To The Poor
Voice and Piano
E.W. Locke - (date unknown)

Labor, Working, Unions

Equal Rights, Justice & Liberty - Don't Abuse Your Power
(Labor song)
For voice, chorus and piano
Frank Boylen - 1881

Don't Let the Poor Working Man Down
For voice and piano
Bobby Newcomb - 1877

The Working Man's Soliloquy
For voice and chorus and piano
Words by Louis Marto, music by Alfred Cobbin - 1875

The Eight Hour Strike
For Voice and Piano
This song was composed and performed in support of the labor fight for the 8-hour work day, one of the many things workers now often take for granted but at the time this song was composed were still hard fought labor campaigns
by Billy Pastor - 1872

Anti Monoploy War Song
For voice, chorus and piano
R. J. Harrison - 1882

Money Is Power
For voice and piano
J.M. Munyon - 1883

Give The Working Man A Chance
Voice & Piano
Words by Gussie Crayton, music by James Maas

Out Of Work
Voice and Piano
Alice Hawthorne - 1877

Out Of Work, The Wolf's At the Door
Voice and Piano
Macy - 1874

Native American Issues & Genocide

They Are Gone, They Are Gone - The Red Man's Requiem
For Voice and Piano
T. Wood - 1865

Oh, Why Does The White Man Follow My Path - Song Of The Indian Hunter

Voice and Piano
Words by Eliza Cook, music by William Dempster - 1846

The Indian's Dream
Voice and Piano
Words by W.B. Farwell, music by Frank Howard - 1848

The Indian's Prayer
Voice and Piano
I. B. Woodbury - 1846

The Indian's Song Of Peace
Voice and Piano
Words by Sidney Dyer, music by W. Letterman - 1851

Ned Straight

Ned Straight was a very versatile and widely travelled and experienced Irish-American songwriter and all around musician in mid to late 19th Century America. He was an early writer of what later would come to be known as "protest" songs.


Ireland To Day - 1880
(This is an interesting song about the liberation of Ireland, a common theme in the music of 19th Century Irish-American immigrants)

I'd Sooner Be Lucky Than Rich - 1881
Only A Working Man's Child - 1882
No Work - 1879
Taking Things As They Come - 1880
Only A Tramp - 1884
The Hard Working Man - 1880

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