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The Language Of The Birds MP3 collection consists of 32 field recordings of bird songs adapted using 4 specially designed software programs and accurately slowed down and lowered in pitch so that the bird songs can be clearly heard. The audio is then prepared using various solo instruments, and occasionally groups of instruments where there is more than one bird in the recordings (for example - the sax ensemble performing the Canadian Geese flock landing on a lake gives a new meaning to "free jazz."


Bamboo Partridge
Cactus Wren
Canadian Geese Landing On A Lake
Canadian Geese Preparing To Fly
Cardinal Songs
Common Loon

Go lden Eagle
Golden Plover
Greater Prairie Chicken
Hawk Song

Mourning Dove2
Mourning Dove

Old Squaw
Orioles Singing
Prairie Falcon
Quail Song


Rose Breasted Grossbeak
Seabird Colony
Thrush Nightingale
Thrushes Singing
Two Blue Birds


The Language Of The Birds

The complete MP3 collection of The Language Of The Birds, 32 transcriptions, is available for download, in the form of 3 "zip" files for $6.00.
You can purchase this collection using the following link.

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The Language Of The Birds

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This experimental music has been developed over three decades using a variety of special music generating software programs. Some of the more primitive programs and early experiments go back as far as the early "DOS" operating system computers... all the way to custom modern music software and artificial intelligence (AI) software developed and/or adapted here at Amaranth Publishing.

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