Early & Unique American Sheet Music

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My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free - The republished sheet music of the song composed by Francis Hopkinson, signer of the Declaration Of Independence

The Declaration Of Independence - The complete words arranged for full choral chant in 1861. A fascinating piece of music.

Come Genius Of Our Happy Land - A song composed and published in the late 1700s or early 1800s (exact date unknown) to John Adams.

The Green Mountain Farmer - Words by Thomas Paine - Another song published published in the late 1700s or early 1800s (exact date unknown) dedicated to John Adams

The People's Friend - Song published in 1801 for the 4th of July and dedicated to Thomas Jefferson

Chester by William Billings from a 1792 fife book

The Last Words Of Washington - Song published in 1842 based on the farewell address of George Washington

Songs & Ballads Of the American Revolution - Scanned reprint of an article in a 19th Century American periodical containing lyrics and tunes for many songs of the American Revolution.

Hail Columbia - Late 1700s "Federal Song" written by "J. Hopkinson" to the well known at the time tune "The President's March"

And here are a few spirited piano pieces arranged and composed by some of the thousands of 19th Century musicians, arrangers and composers..........

Adams & Liberty - The famous Revolutionary period tune, arranged for piano solo in 1862

The American Republic Waltz - Piano solo published in 1879

Ben Franklin Waltz - Piano solo published in 1883

Jeffersonian Polka - Piano solo published in 1881

Independence Waltz - Piano solo published in 1841

Paul Revere Galop - Piano solo published in 1876

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