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19th Century Periodical Articles About Texas

Scans of historic articles about Texas in PDF format with excellent engravings of Texas images.


PDF 1 -

Glimpses of Texas 1
PDF 2 -
Glimpses of Texas2
Through Texas
PDF 4 -
The Presidents of Texas
A Stray Yankee in Texas
PDF 5 -
The New South - The City of Fort Worth
The Last Years of Sam Houston
PDF 6 -
San Antonio De Bexar
A Tale Of Texas Life
Texas (by ex-Senator Samuel Bell Maxey)

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Some of the unique stories related to the legendary battle of The Alamo involve the music performed both inside and outside the structure. Davy Crockett jammin' at The Alamo? Check it out.......



Whitewashing the
Yellow Rose Of Texas

Over time, the famous song Yellow Rose Of Texas went through periods where the lyrics were changed, some might say "whitewashed". The history of, and legend of, The Yellow Rose Of Texas is a fascinating story in and of itself, and, is an interesting example of the changes a piece of music can pass through over time, due to different cultural conditions.


The Texas "Sacred Harp"
- A Story That Needs Telling

How Texas Singers Helped The First American Composers Keep Their Music From Being Censored By Pompous Windbags


And for what ails you
try these, made in 1838.............

Texan Universal Pills


Some interesting facts, history and hilarious historic reviews of the Official State Food of Texas, chili.


Beautiful Texas

The song that helped win a Texas election


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unusual & unique music,
and ephemera collection.

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