The Never Ending Melody

Here at Amaranth Publishing we have been creating music with music/sound generating software as far back as the early "DOS" operating system computers... up to using current custom modern software and experimental music artificial intelligence (AI) software developed and/or adapted here at Amaranth Publishing.


After having one of our systems "listen" to dozens of traditional melodies this is what happened from what it "learned".... When I programmed the system to generate spontaneously a melody with an instrumental background, I made a mistake in timing. As you may know, in experimental work of many kinds, sometimes mistakes lead to interesting discoveries.

In this case, the melodies and backgrounds created by our software were these long flowing melodies that just went on and on and on with many changes and would have gone on and on forever if I had not stopped the system. Hence, the "never ending melody".

These pieces in this collection are examples of this work. I simply made a choice when to stop and fade out, but without that the melodies would have kept going enldessly with changes and improvisations.

This collection includes 6 examples of this unique music.

MP3 sample excerpt

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