Dream Angus
Celtic God of Dreams

The lovely Celtic lullaby known as Dream Angus came from a unique tale.

Born of the water spirit Boann and the powerful god Dagda of Irish-Scottish mythology, Dream Angus, Eros, the god of dreams, love, youth, and beauty Like Zeus, Dagda has a wandering eye for women. The river spirit Boann catches his eye one day and he proceeds to set up a successful seduction.

From the moment Angus is born it is obvious that he is a gentle spirit and will be universally loved. Songbirds circle his head to serenade him to sleep as he rocks in his cradle, and the wildest hunting dog calms when in his presence.

The legend has it that Dream Angus comes to you at night and bestows dreams - you may spot him skipping across the hills, his bag of dreams by his side. Just the sight of him may be enough to make you lose your heart, for he is also the god of love, youth and beauty. Divine Angus is adored by all, but fated to love only the beautiful Caer, swan maiden of his own dreams.

Dream Angus song lyrics

Dreams to sell, fine dreams to sell,
Angus is here with dreams to sell.
Hush now wee bairnie and sleep without fear,
For Angus will bring you a dream, my dear.

1. Can you no hush your weepin'?
All the wee lambs are sleepin'.
Birdies are nestlin', nestlin' taegether,
Dream Angus is hurtlin' through the heather.
2. Sweet the lavrock sings at morn,
Heraldin' in a bright new dawn.
Wee lambs, they coorie doon taegether
Alang with their ewies in the heather


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